vIRL (/'viral/) noun

Origin: December 10, 2018
  1. A virtual item you can exchange for real-world merchandise like sneakers, apparel, video game gear, and more
  2. Real-world items you can unbox, sell and swap online - in seconds
  3. Digital proof of ownership without the hassle of holding or storing it
  4. 100% authentic merchandise delivered when you want it
  5. The easiest way to gift something real to a friend
  6. Like an emoji that can be traded and redeemed for something real
  7. Impossible to copy or fake because it's on WAX
  8. Contagious
E.g. “I unboxed some vIRL Red Octobers and sold them for $6,000 without ever touching them. The whole process took 2 minutes and 27 seconds.”


Go vIRL. Buy, sell, and swap authentic merchandise instantly to anyone in the world. vIRLs include everything from Yeezy Boost 750’s to iPhones, gaming PCs, Gucci slides, Nintendo Switches, Louis Vuitton x Supreme apparel, Off-White merch, and hundreds more added every week. It’s easy, instant, secure, and trading is free.


Since every vIRL is both a digital and a real-life item, you can Instant-Sell them for cash on OPSkins, sell them for profit, gift them, trade them, or have them shipped to an address.


vIRLs allow ownership without the hassle of storage & shipping

With vIRLs, you can collect and resell stuff like sneakers, apparel, and electronics - without the hassle of shipping or storage. How would you like to profit from selling a pair of Yeezy’s in just a few clicks - without ever having to deal with the whole madness of buying it, receiving it, and then selling and re-shipping it? It’s never been possible - until now.

Back in the olden days before vIRL launched, it took weeks to buy, sell, and profit from flipping a pair of Pharrell Human Races. You had to buy it, wait for it to ship to you, take pictures of it, convince potential buyers that it’s genuine, list it for sale, wait for someone to buy it, then ship it to the buyer, and wait to get paid.

With vIRLs, the entire process takes mere seconds, and just a few clicks. How is this possible? Glad you asked.


A crypto wallet is a software program or physical device that stores the private keys used to access cryptocurrency. It is essentially a digital wallet that allows you to send, receive, and store cryptocurrencies.

Crypto wallets are essential for keeping your cryptocurrency safe. Without a wallet, you would not be able to access your crypto, and it would be vulnerable to theft.

There are two main types of crypto wallets: hot wallets and cold wallets.

Hot wallets are stored online, and they are the most convenient type of wallet to use. However, they are also the least secure, as they are more susceptible to hacking.

Cold wallets are stored offline, on a physical device such as a USB drive or a hardware wallet. They are much more secure than hot wallets, but they are also less convenient to use.

When you choose a crypto wallet, it is important to consider your security needs and how often you plan to use the wallet.

No matter which type of wallet you choose, it is important to make sure that you store your private keys securely. If you lose your private keys, you will lose access to your cryptocurrency.

Here are some tips for keeping your crypto wallet safe:

  • Choose a reputable wallet provider. Do your research before you choose a wallet provider. Make sure that the provider has a good reputation and that their wallets are secure.
  • Use a strong password. Create a strong password for your wallet and do not share it with anyone.
  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA adds an extra layer of security to your wallet by requiring you to enter a code from your phone in addition to your password when you log in.
  • Keep your wallet software up to date. Make sure that you are running the latest version of your wallet software. Updates often include security patches that can help to protect your wallet from hackers.
  • Back up your private keys. Make sure that you back up your private keys in a safe place. If you lose your computer or phone, you will still be able to access your cryptocurrency.

By following these tips, you can help to keep your crypto wallet safe and secure.


It’s simple to get started. All you need is an OPSkins account and funds in your OPSkins wallet. Don’t have an OPSkins account? Click here to sign up for one, and click here to add funds to your OPSkins wallet.

Then, unbox a vIRL from any of these sites:

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You can also buy vIRLs from a marketplace like OPSkins, or trade with someone on WAX ExpressTrade.


What can I do with my vIRLs?

  • Instant-Sell: Get cash back for your vIRLs - instantly. Instant-Sell your vIRLs to OPSkins and have cash in your bank account within minutes. You can also cashout to cryptocurrency like Ethereum, bitcoin, or WAX tokens..
  • Sell on a marketplace: List your vIRLs for sale on a marketplace like OPSkins without ever taking physical possession of them. No storage, no shipping, no hassle..
  • Instant-Gift: Gift a vIRL to anyone in the world with just a few clicks, immediately after unboxing it. Visit WAX ExpressTrade to start gifting..
  • Trade: Swap your vIRLs for any other items that trade on WAX ExpressTrade including everything from video games to V-Bucks, sneakers to skins, gift cards to game items. .
  • Redeem: Ship your vIRLs to an address. Visit to complete the redemption process.

I just unboxed a pair of Yeezy’s - how do I know they’re legit?

All vIRLs are guaranteed to be 100% authentic. We only work with licensed distributors to ensure that every vIRL is indisputably genuine.

Every vIRL transaction is recorded using distributed ledger technology, and can never be manipulated, duplicated, or destroyed. Every vIRL is viewable on the WAX Explorer, proving ownership and transaction history.

How do I get vIRLs?

  • Unbox a vIRL from a box on any of these sites:
  • WAX Keys open vIRL boxes, and you’ll need an OPSkins account with funds in your OPSkins Wallet to obtain WAX Keys (sign up here if you don’t have an OPSkins account).
  • Buy a vIRL from a marketplace like OPSkins.
  • Trade for one using WAX ExpressTrade. Any item that trades on the WAX Blockchain can be traded for vIRLs.

How is the value of a vIRL sneaker determined?

We set the value of the vIRL sneaker at the price that we pay for it when we purchase it, plus our associated expenses like shipping and warehousing. That makes up the value of the vIRL because that is what we pay to purchase and hold the sneakers, which we must do in order to guarantee that you can redeem it on demand whenever you want.

Why is the price of a vIRL different from other prices that I see online?
The price of a vIRL sneaker cannot be compared to similar sneakers you might see listed for sale on StockX, eBay, or other two-sided marketplaces. A vIRL by definition is 100% backed by a specific pair of sneakers. Availability is guaranteed. It is guaranteed because we hold that exact pair of sneakers in a secure warehouse. Those other sites have no inventory. They simply allow sellers to list items for sale. There is no guarantee that the item is even available anymore. It might have been listed on on multiple marketplaces and already sold.

There is simply nothing else like a vIRL that exists.

Are vIRLs different from the sneakers I buy on other websites like StockX or eBay?

Absolutely. A vIRL is both a physical and a virtual item. A pair of sneakers is … well, just a pair of sneakers. A vIRL is something much more. Think of a vIRL as a pair of sneakers that can be transported into the virtual world. A vIRL transforms a physical pair of sneakers into a digital, tradable commodity. vIRLs are unique because you can do things with your vIRL that are impossible to do with an ordinary pair of sneakers, see the differences here:

Comparison Chart

There is simply nothing else like a vIRL that exists.

How do vIRL unboxings work?

When you open vIRL boxes, your vIRLs instantly appear in your WAX ExpressTrade inventory. Then you can choose what to do with your vIRLs - instantly get cash for them, flip them for profit, gift them, trade them, or have them shipped to an address.

What determines which vIRLs I unbox?

Items are selected at random at the time of box opening. The box odds can never be altered, no matter what website you're opening the vIRL box on. Because each vIRL is created using distributed ledger technology, every vIRL is viewable on the WAX Explorer - proving its authenticity.

How do I track where my vIRL shipment is?

You are given a tracking number when you redeem your vIRLs on